Deploying Open Source Geospatial Software – Part 1: Challenges

My blog has been quiet for some time. As many of us I’ve been busy doing projects, all involving Open Source Geo (OSGeo) software. Partly development, writing software, I love it, but also more and more in “what comes next”: deploying and maintaining “the application” with all of its dependencies. For …

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Unlocking Sensor Data – I’ll send an SOS to the world

Revealing: the title refers, for the younger readers, to a great 1979-hit by The Police as expanded below. To be played at the loudest possible volume. If you don’t see anything here below try the YouTube link directly: One of the main aspects that glues the OSGeo-world together are OGC-standards: WMS, WFS, …

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GPS Hiking and The Evolution of Navigation

On sunday August 25, 2015 I provided a talk/workshop for a local knowledge network of friends and acquaintances in Amsterdam. TLDR; see  Originally, I would talk about “Hiking with GPS”. But as I started pondering about this subject I decided to broaden the content to include also the evolution of navigation. …

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Into the Weather – Part 3 – Publishing Data to the Cloud – 1

In my last post, Into the Weather – Part 2, I outlined a global architecture of a Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station connected to a Raspberry Pi  (RPi) running weewx weather software to capture raw weather data. Here I will try to depict how to bring this weather data “from the fluffy clouds into the digital cloud”.  Finally, …

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Waag/7Scenes Launches GamesAtelier

On friday march 14, 2008 Mayor Job Cohen of Amsterdam was the first player of the GamesAtelier product that Waag Society launched. We at 7Scenes have worked hard to get the software done.     links Games Atelier officieel van start     More photos here: