Developed new Docker Image: MapProxy with MapServer binary support, i.e. MP directly calling MS binary (iso via WMS), see and @mapproxy @mapserver_osgeo @mapserving #osgeo #geonl #osgeonl

Vandaag de jaarlijkse @OSGeo vergadering (AGM). IN geheel (3 uur) terug te kijken: presenteerde o.a. De Grote Geo Show (rond 2:20:45 in video). #geonl #osgeonl #osgeo


Get ready for our

@OSGeo Annual General Meeting 2020 virtual event on

10 September 2020 from 13 till 17 UTC

Find more information

See you at the #OSGeo AGM !


De Grote Geo Show Draait Door! Save the date: do 1 okt 2020 19:00-21:00. Meer: . Wil je meedoen of betrokken zijn, meedenken, achter de schermen, ..Zie en kom op onze Telegram groep. Home: #geonl #osgeonl #osgeo

My Docker JMeter version updated to JMeter 5.3. Normally a non-event, but the Docker Image has over 1 Million Pulls! (Or process out of hand somewhere?). See and #jmeter #docker #geonl

In de eerste nieuwsbrief o.a. uitgebreide informatie over het nieuwe product BAG Adressen Woning CSV. Lees online:
#geonl #osgeonl #basisregistraties

pygeoapi will be doing a lightning talk at next week's Cloud Native Geospatial Outreach Day and Sprint! Come and find out about new STAC functionality from pygeoapi as well as many other projects in this exciting space! #stac #foss4g

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