😍Amazing to have the creator of @Vuejs Evan You @youyuxi at #Vuejsamsterdam the biggest #Vuejs conference in the World

Check out his talk: "State of the Vuenion"

#vuejs #vuejsamsterdam @nodejsconfnl

Greetings from #FOSSGIS2019 to @foss4g 2019. @astroidex & @vmx promoting #FOSS4G2019 at @FOSSGIS_Konf. We are collecting money for the Travel Grant Program - please donate! And see you in Bucharest in August 2019!

Crazy how often I see this:

-Open source devs getting shouted at for not fixing enough issues.

-Devs who make free coding courses/tutorials getting shouted at for not offering enough free mentorship.

Stop telling the devs who contribute the most that they don't do enough.

FOSS4G-NL - 20 juni 2019 in Delft door en/bij TU Delft. Bewaar die datum! Zeg je afspraken af! Hertweet! Workshops op 19 juni. Meer nieuws volgt! #geonl #osgeonl #osgeo #geospatial @tudelft3d @tudelft en @MerkatorGIS organiseren een Workshop "Docker voor Geo Ontwikkelaars" op 18 april 2019, bij Merkator, Zaltbommel. Slechts 60,-, slechts 12 plaatsen beschikbaar. Meer info en opgeven zie: #docker #osgeo #geonl

From #BiDS19 to FOSS4G 2019 in Bucharest! 26 - 30 August 2019 #osgeo #gistribe #fun

Posted Smart Emission Emit #6 on @AirSensEUR @AlphaSenseInc sensor calibration and data integration in the Smart Emission platform: #osgeonl #geonl #sensorweb


Integration of @luftdaten (API Harvesting for BBOX) in Smart Emission for @gemnijmegen completed. Data can be (historically) compared e.g. PM10 for Lent and Waalkade. #geonl #osgeonl


If you attend one conference for front end development, let it be @vuejsamsterdam. It was an incredible venue, wonderful food, and amazing speakers. The team has done an outstanding job and I would recommend the conference to everyone 😁

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