Tweets geopend 12 feb 2020. We bieden downloads van databestanden voor NL Basisregistraties (BAG, BGT, BRK, BRT,..) in hapklare formaten zoals PostGIS, CSV.
Blader eerst door om metadata en voorbeeldbestanden te bekijken. #geonl #osgeonl

Thank you to all the #vuejsamsterdam attendees for hopping on this TDD live coding adventure with me 🙂

Here are my slides, with links to relevant resources.

Loving this talk by @hootlex, about New Vue 3 Features you would Love! Some highlights:

- multiple v-models
- portals (shown w/ target and source)
- the end of reactivity caveats (prev Vue.$set)
- non-breaking API 🙂
- massive perf improvements
- better TS support
- more!


♥️ My fellow core team member @N_Tepluhina takes the stage with a talk about how “You Might Not Need Vuex”. This is an important talk as the Compostion API builds steam!

- provide/inject, w/ reactivity
- use of pinia by @posva, w/ Vuex devtools
- GraphQL, w/ local cache


Very interesting talk by @sarah_edo on reactivity and internals in Vue 3 - love the slides with the 🌮-examples🤤🤤 She explained very good the insights of Vue 3 Reactivity. Awesome! #tacos #reactivity #VuejsAmsterdam

Wake up call: Climate change and the tech community
An inspirational talk about climate change what we as a (tech) community can do to prevent further climate change
by @callumacrae - Author of Vue.js: Up and Running. #ClimateChange #VuejsAmsterdam


WindFinder: mooie app om vandaag te bekijken:

#codeoranje #StormCiara #geonl #osgeonl

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