MIDP 2 on Mac OS X is here !

Since Mac OS X is already my preferred platform for Java development, I was very pleased to experience that J2ME development for MIDP 2.0 has finally become reality. I can now develop, compile, verify, package, run, debug and deploy MIDP 2.0 MIDlets from within my Java IDE (IntelliJ IDEA ). All thanks to Michael Powers mpowerplayer . Best way to start is to go to developer.mpowerplayer.com and download the SDK. But there is more.

The Mpowerplayer offers the tools familiar to J2ME developers: MIDP2.0 jars, the preverify tool and a MIDP2.0 emulator. Additionally, if your Mac has Bluetooth support, you can quickly deploy your MIDLet using the OS X Bluetooth File Exchange . To automate deployment I wrote a one-line script btsend.sh that is called directly from within Ant :

3/usr/bin/open -a "/Applications/Utilities/Bluetooth File Exchange.app" $1

and then from within Ant

1<target name="deploy">
2  <exec executable="${basedir}/btsend.sh">
3    <arg line="${myproject.jar}"/>
4  </exec>

The only manual action is to select your mobile device from the Bluetooth File Exchange list of devices. On my Nokia 6600 phone I receive an incoming message and the installer is run.

If you are developing Bluetooth-based MIDlets using the JSR-82 Bluetooth API you can additionally download, evaluate and acquire the Avetana JSR-82 implementation for OS X . This allows you to fully test Bluetooth-based J2ME apps from within your IDE on Mac OS X. For example, I was able to connect and test to the Delorme Blue Logger GPS