OSGeo Open Source Seminar at Geospatial World Forum

The OSGeo Foundation has been invited to provide a 4-hour Open Source Seminar at the Geospatial World Forum . This event will take place on April 25, 2012 in the RAI Amsterdam, The Netherlands . As Trailblazer (Dutch “Kwartiermaker”) for the newly formed OSGeo.nl Dutch Language Chapter I was in charge of finding speakers and structuring the program with the valuable aid of Arnulf Christl, president OSGeo . For OSGeo.nl this was an opportunity to expose our newly formed chapter. Willy Bakker of OSGeo.nl is still busy trying to arrange OSGeo marketing exposure. I feel very happy and proud that all these experts in their respective fields committed to speak in 15-min slots (the GWF-format). I think the program also stands out in Variety: Open Source for Geospatial here is not just presented from a technical/developers’ angle, but also from end-users’ perspectives in local and global governments, from within education and from the pure business angle. As we have 11 speakers (of which even two presidents!), and hearing someone mutter in the social media about a ‘Dreamteam’, I could not resist collating the undesigned poster as below.

Below is also the detailed program as it stands now, small changes may occur. As there is little time for questions within the slots, we will devote the Forum at the end to Q&A. Questions can also be posed, even if you are not there, via Twitter, by using the Twitter hashtag #gwfos .

Click here for a PDF version of the program